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Guide to Some of the Worst Virus in the World.

There are various kinds of viruses and they have been on the planet for billions of years. You find that for them to be able to exist, they must adapt to their host by evolving in various ways. Viruses are different, there are some that will often cause severe outbreaks while some will have mild and last for years. There are viruses that will be lethal and lack treatment procedures of any kind. The WHO has ever declared a zika an international threat as it was related to birth defects and cause health issues that were very severe. You find that the carrier of zika virus is mosquitos and passed to various people across the universe.

There are high chances of getting Ebola especially in those West African countries that occurred in the years 2015 and 2016. Ebola has been known to cause issues in life and this has been seen to have various ways of carrying out life, you need to be safe and this is the reason you need to have the right mechanisms of taking yourselves as well as your dear ones.

These scariest thing about Lassa fever is that it is the worst of all the others. Now that the virus will not be showing any effects, this makes it even scarier. There is not even one symptom that is going to make you doubt that you will be having the virus now that it doesn’t come with any symptoms. A person can live for a long time before he/she can tell that he/she has the virus in his/her veins. Detection of the virus becomes even tricky if a person’s immune is very strong. Now that the scientists are professionals, they have come up with a strategic way which will be effective in discovering the virus. No need to be very scared if you are found with the virus because it is not that deadly. The spreading of this virus spreads from one person to another and it is hard to know one already has it. You need to avoid getting into contact with urine or feces because they are the main cause for the spread.

The other virus which causes illness in the respiratory place severely is the Mers virus. This pathogen type causes illnesses for the upper respiratory. The mouth needs to be covered to avoid the spread of this virus through coughing or sneezing. The astonishing things about this virus is that the scientists have not yet found any treatment for this virus. Chikungunya is a virus which spread when humans get into contact with the mosquitos.

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