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What Program Management Is and What Distinguishes it From Project Management

Program management has indeed proved to be one of the most growing job categories over the past few years and this is mainly attributed to the fact of the increasing visibility that it has received mainly in the software and marketing industries. However, we have as well seen such a confusion from one company to the other and as well from industry to the next in so far as what the roles of a program manager are. Added to this is the fact that there seems to be a confusion in the roles played by a program manager and the project manager.

Nonetheless, it needs to be noted that the program managers and the project managers will work in such a style of harmony such as to ensure that there is achieved success in the projects that are in a particular program. Primarily a program manager’s key role is to ensure that the program is so shaped such as to align with the company’s top financial goals. This article takes a particular look at some of the expert views on the roles of the program management experts, the difference there is between program management and project management and as well what the prospects are for the professional program managers.

Typically you will realize that the roles of the program managers will differ as per the size and type of company. This said and noted, it is to be taken in a general sense that the tasks that a program manager will be tasked with will be those of overseeing the running of progressive or ongoing and related projects and all will often have their unique schedules and sets of expectations. As we have already noted above, most cases the projects will be related but this is never to be the case as you will have those instances when they don’t relate and may as such only share common resources.

It is to be noted that the program manager will as well have such a high place and high level responsibility when you look at the company’s overall management structure. Program managers thus be coming in as crucial players of such high value when you look at the overall processes, budgets and preparation and a host of other areas that make them relevant in so far as production and management goes. Most companies have in fact seen it wise to allow the program managers handle the projects so as to deal with the stifling bureaucracy issues.

Thus we can see that the program managers and management will be a sure way to enable you have an eye on the smaller details of your project and keep these moving ahead in a timely fashion.

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